My Next 1/2 and Winter Power Foods!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


How is everyone this morning? Last night, I signed up for my next 1/2 marathon. My friend Katy and I are going to do the Dallas Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon on March 27, 2010. They were running a special yesterday that if you signed up the day after the Cowboys won, you would be eligible to receive $10 off your registration fee. Since the Cowboy's have been a little shaky this season, Katy and I figured we should probably sign up ASAP, since we weren't guaranteed another win. We are taking this race very seriously! So natrually, team t-shirts are going to be a necessity! :) This will be my second Rock & Roll, and I am so excited because they are a blast! There is so much going on along the race route, 13.2 miles just flys by!

With winter in full swing in some parts of the country (I wouldn't quite call it winter here yet), it is important to do everything we can to ward off all of the germys that like to show up around this time of the year!! We all know we should wash our hands, take our vitamins, and drink some orange juice, but here are a few suggestions from Runners World of foods you can add to your diet to pump up your defenses:

Dairy: Most milk, yogurt, and cheese contains vitamin D and calcium. These nutrients work together to prevent bone loss. Soy milk has all of these good for you nutrients as well!

Winter squash: This little gem is packed with vitamin A which can help you sharpen your eyesight for the dark winter months.

Slow-cooked stews (or chili): If you make your stew with lean beef, kidney beans or lentils it can provide you with iron which is needed for red blood cell production. Check out the chili I made yesterday.

Onions and garlic: These bulbs provide a boost of flavor along with antimicrobial properties, which may help protect you from winter bugs.

Green Tea: A mug will warm you up after a cold run- plus, research shows EGCG (a compound in green tea) has anticancer properties that may prevent skin-tumor growth. For more information on tea, and all of it's health benefits check out: It's Tea Time.

Kale: In season in early winter, this leafy green delivers a mega dose of vitamin K, which helps maintain strong bones and form blood clots.

Canned tuna: Although it might be stinky, it's a good source of vitamin D, which is important in the winter when less sun exposure decreases our body's ability to produce it.

Baked potatoes: White spuds are high in vitamin C, while sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A- two antioxidants that help protect your immune system.

Barley: This chewy grain (perfect for soups and stews) is high in cholesterol-lowering fiber and selenium, which reduces free-radical damage.

Citrus: Oranges, grapefruits, and other types of citrus fruits are high in fiber and immune-boosting vitamin C. These juicy fruits are even in season during the winter!

Try to add a few of the nutritional Rock Stars into your diet this week! If anyone is going to be around in March, Katy and I would love for you to join us for the Rock & Roll party! :)

Food for thought:
Have you ever ran a Rock & Roll marathon?
Do you have any cute race t-shirt ideas for Katy and I?
Do you eat any of these Winter wonders? If so, any yummy suggestions?

In health,

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5 Responses to “My Next 1/2 and Winter Power Foods!”

  1. I really wanted to sign up for this, but that weekend is Aggeicon (the Sci Fi / anime / video game / etc convention at A&M) and since I'm an officer for it I can't leave town that weekend. This is only the second year for that one, right?

  2. i read that article in Runners World yesterday!! I went and bought some kale and roasted up some acorn squash yesterday :-) Good luck with your 1/2!

  3. Congrats on signing up for the marathon!! I have a friend that runs, and she just did the Philly rock n roll marathon a few months ago.

  4. I really wish I knew how to respond to individual comments!

    Veronica: Awe man that would have been fun! What race did you just finish? It was a full right!

    Salah: LOL it was a good article. MMMM acorn squash sounds delicious!!

    Laury: Thanks Laury!! I really love the Rock & Rolls, they are so much fun!

  5. Congrat the blog looks awesome! :)


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