What the ABC's of Health Mean to Me!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I hope everyone had a Terrific Tuesday!! The word "Health" means something different to everyone. Here is what Health means to me:

A-  Achievement
B-  Balance
C-  Consistency
D-  Dumbbell
E-  Exercise = Energy
F-  Fulfillment & Family
G-  Group Exercise (of course)
H-  Heart Rate (Heart Rate Monitor)
I-   Improving one day at a time
J-   Juice (especially the kind I make with my Jack LaLane Juicer!)
K-  Kashi
L-   Lessons Learned
M-  Motivation & Music
N-  Nut Butter (Almond Butter is my current favorite)
O-  Oxygen
P-   Peace
Q-  Quinoa (I love this stuff, and it tastes good with anything. Just ask my good friend Lindley!)
R-   Rest & Relaxation (I'm trying)
S-   Step & Strength Training
T-   Tasty
U-   U-stress (that's the good kind of stress)
V-   Vitamins
W-  Water, Workout, and WATERMELON
X-   X-ray (for when I get stress fractures)
Y-   Yoga
Z-   Ideas anyone?

30 Days of Self Love-Perspective
Don't forget to check out Tina's series 30 Days of Self Love. Today's topic is on Perspective.
"We can’t control everything. We can, however, control our perspective." Perspective is a funny thing because it changes before you even know what happened! How do you witness the power of perspective in your life? Do you currently face something where your perspective could make a difference?

Food for thought?
What does health mean to you?

Yours truly,

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