OrangeCup Yogurt and Fighting Texas Aggie Football!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day,

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and a happy Labor Day! For everyone who had today off, I'm jealous. To all of you who had to work, I feel your pain!

I had an absolutely fabulous weekend filled with good friends, yummy frozen yogurt, and an amazing football game! Let's start with the yogurt. On Friday, my good friend Kelli and I went shopping at the Dallas Galleria (super fun all by itself) and decided to test out a new frozen yogurt place called OrangeCup. They only had a few yogurt flavors to choose from, but you got to pick from a ton of deliciously fresh toppings! Kelli and I both ordered the Loyo yogurt, which was the lowest in calories and sugar. We both topped ours with mini dark chocolate chips (I just couldn't resist) and strawberries. I also added a little crumbled graham cracker. Two really unique things about OrangeCup are that the ingredients are all-natural and they print a personalized nutrition label just for you based on your yogurt and topping selection and the weight of your cup! No more convincing yourself 30 oz of yogurt topped with brownies and cookie dough is healthy just because it's low fat yogurt! Oh, and did I mention it was really, really delicious??

A little crooked, but still very informative!

MMMMM Delicious!

Saturday morning, Eric and I woke up early and drove down to College Station for the Aggie Game! I cannot even begin to explain to you how excited I was for college football season to start. If you have ever been to an Aggie game, you understand what an incredible feeling it is. I actually caught myself skipping to the music as we neared the stadium! We spent all afternoon tailgating and visiting with friends, before heading up to our seats for the game. The Aggies did not disappoint, beating SFA 48-7! Hopefully, we can keep up the momentum throughout the season!

I am so blessed to have such amazing friends!

The view from our seats!

Food for thought:
What is your favorite frozen yogurt joint?
Do you have a team you are super excited to cheer for this season?

Yours truly,

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  1. Orangecup sounds so cool! I was thinking they should have a system like that for Spoons, because even though they have nutritional info on the yogurts, it's hard to tell what the finished product will be. Do you have to weigh it before and after putting on toppings?


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