Diet Dangers of Fall Part 2

Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Monday!

What a weekend! One of my best friends got married this weekend, and it was an absolutely beautiful wedding. I was a briedesmaid in the wedding, so wedding festivities began for me Friday morning (which is why I have been MIA for a few days). The wedding went off without a hitch, and I know they are going to have a strong and wonderful marriage! I will share pictures of the beautiful couple soon!


I think all of my talking about Fall has finally paid off! I actually had to wear a jacket outside yesterday! I'll admit, most people probably would have been fine in a t-shirt and jeans, but I busted out the pink Under Armour fleece like it was sub 40 outside. Just zipping it up made me smile. I know I'm crazy, and a baby when it comes to the cold, but I LOVE FALL! Last Thursday, we discussed some diet danger zones that pop up this time of year: tailgates, comfort food, seasonal beverages, and halloween candy. Today, we are going to tackle 4 more Diet Dangers of Fall.

Diet Dangers of Fall:
  1. Chunky Chubby Chili-The damage from a bowl of chili can easily hit 500 calories with the wrong recipe.  The same goes for other meaty stews, which are often loaded with fatty beef or sausage and topped with gobs of cheese. Yet, chili and stew can be nutritional superstars when made right.
    1. Use lean meat instead of full fat versions.
    2. Pump up he volume with low calorie veggies and spices.
    3. Chili's that are full of beans are also full of good for you fiber which will keep you feeling full.
    4. When ordering chili at restaraunts, be sure to check the nutrition facts prior to ordering.

  2. Seemingly innocent vegetable casseroles-Roots like yams and sweet potatoes are super-nutritious, but you quadruple the calories when you mix them with cheese, cream, butter, canned soups, or crispy bacon. A sweet potato casserole can easily have 500 calories per serving -- 400 more than a simple roasted sweet potato. Green beans are another vegetable we like to load down with fat in the form of green bean casserole.

    1. Try eating root vegetables oven roasted or grilled.

    2. If you are making sweet potatoe casserole (the one covered in marshmellows) use spenda instead of real sugar and keep the marshmellows to a minimum.  

    3. If a recipe calls for "cream of ______ soup," try to find a low fat version, or only use half of the can.

  3. Stuffing- Who can resist Grandma's stuffing? Most stuffing contains high-fat ingredients such as sausage and butter. With gravy, stuffing is a diet nightmare. But it doesn't have to be this way.

    1. Make low-fat stuffing using fruits, vegetables, and stock.

    2. Opt for whole wheat light bread as your base.

    3. Use low-fat margerine (or even better apple sauce) instead of full fat butter.

    4. Keep portions small, and avoid covering it in butter.

  4. Pumpkin Treats- Just because pumpkin is healthy, does not mean you can eat anything with pumpkin in its title. Pumpkin layer cake, cheesecake, bread pudding. There are many ways to turn vitamin A-rich pumpkin into a rich and fatty dessert. Be careful: If you add tons of cream and sugar, you negate the health benefits of pumpkin.

    1. Try crustless low-fat pumkin custard.

    2. Use Splenda or cut back on sugar whenever possible.

    3. Opt for apple sauce over oil, and wheat flour over white flour when baking pumpkin muffins or cake.

    4. Keep portion sizes in check, and top with low-fat whip cream instead of ice cream.

There are always speed bumps in the road to healthy eating. However, with a little forward thinking and preperation, we can conquer those speed bumps everytime. For more information visit:

Food for thought:
Does it feel like Fall yet where you live?
What is your favorite part of Fall?
What was the best part about your weekend?
Yours truly,

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