How to Eat Healthy on a Budget!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Hump Day,

As you all know, my new kitchen has inspired me to start cooking a lot more; which is great for my tummy, but hard on my wallet. Everyone always says eating/cooking healthy is so expensive, but with a few helpful tips it doesn't have to be! Think about grocery shopping as a game....I try and see how much money I can save each time I go. With a little planning you can eat healthy without putting too much of a dent in your wallet.

Easy Tips to Save Money at the Grocery Store:
  • Plan your meals in advance. This will help you avoid impulse buys, which saves money and calories. You can also purchase certain ingredients in bulk and use them in multiple meals.
  • Shop with a list, it will keep you on task and prevent you from buying things you don't really need.
  • Look up and down and all around. Many of the expensive brands pay extra to have their products placed at eye level. You will often find the best deals near the top or bottom of the shelves.
  • Don't Rush. Make sure you go to the grocery store so you don't have to rush. This way you can take your time and look for good deals.
  • Coupons are your best friend. Coupons really can save you money. Pick up a Sunday paper or visit to print out coupons. Make sure you only use coupons for products you were already going to buy!
  • Purchase fruits and vegetables that are in season. They will not only be cheaper, but taste better as well.
  • Comparison Shop. Don't just automatically buy the same produce each week. Look for fruits or vegetables that might be on sale and try out different things! You can also check to see if the frozen or canned versions of the same produce are cheaper. If a fruit or vegetable is out of season, it might be cheaper to buy it frozen or in a can.
  • Don't be a brand snob. Some things are completely ok to buy generic. For example: who can tell the difference between Kroger brand cheese and Kraft? I sure can't!
  • Stock your fridge and pantry with these easy to cook and budget friendly items: Beans and lentils, brown rice, pasta, soups, fresh vegetables and fruit (the ones that are in season), and meat and fish (remember you can freeze the extras).
  • Forget convenience foods like frozen TV dinners. These cost much more than they are worth and are loaded with sodium. Have you ever finished a lean cuisine and realized you are just as hungry as when you started eating? Me too! So why pay $4.00 for a meal that doesn't even fill  you up?
  • Consider buying in bulk. It is often cheaper per unit, and you can always freeze the leftovers. We always purchase our frozen chicken breasts, bread, and frozen fruit at Sam's. It not only saves us money on food, but on gas as well because we only have to go to the store every few weeks. You can also cook in bulk and then freeze the leftovers for lunch or dinner later in the week.
Remember it's a game: You vs. the Grocery Store's High Prices. If you keep these tips in mind, and dedicate a little time to coupon cutting, you can kick those high prices butt! (I know cheezy, but I can't help it!)

Food For Thought:
How do you save money at the grocery store?
Are there any items that you are willing to splurge on?

Yours truly,

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3 Responses to “How to Eat Healthy on a Budget!”

  1. I know I have to follow all of those tips if I want to not blow too much money on food. It's too easy otherwise to buy things you never end up using or simply don't need.

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  3. I know, eating healthy can a tad bit more expensive, but it is totally worth it!


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