Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Thursday Everyone!

If you teach aerobics, or are in the health and fitness field you have probably heard of Dallas Mania, if not please let me explain.... Dallas Mania is pretty much cheerleading camp on steroids for adults!! It is possibly my all time favorite time of the year. Scratch that.... it is my favorite time of the year! Yes, it's better than Christmas.

Dallas Mania is a fitness convention put on by SCW fitness. The best presenters from all over the world come to present new choreography, show off new equipment, and discuss the trends in the fitness industry. I like to call it Fitness Heaven! I am super excited about taking classes from Gay Gasper, Mindy Mylrae, and Julz Arney. They are some of my favorite presenters, and are truly an inspiration to the fitness industry!

The classes I am most looking forward to taking are: Hot Bod Dance Squad, Stepilicious, Partner Power, "Sugar Sabatoge, What to use?", Supersculpt, Unbelieve-a-ball, and "Group Fitness Programming: Fitness, Future, Fusion."

I am even more excited about this Dallas Mania than past Mania's because i get to see all of my A&M girls!! Although, I have only been away from College Station for a month, I miss my friends like crazy. I am so excited to see all of them at one time!! This is going to be the most AMAZING weekend filled with FITNESS, FUN, and FRIENDS!

Repeat after me: Sweat if BEAUTIFUL!

Dallas Mania starts tomorrow, so I will be out until Monday! I'm sure I will have so much to tell you about when I get back!

Food for thought:
Are you going to be at Dallas Mania?
If you have been to a Mania before, what was your favorite part?

Yours truly,

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