Vitamins for Dummies Part Three (Mineral Madness)

Friday, July 23, 2010

"Healthy living defies a single definition.There are many, many ways to live well." -Terri Trespicio

Although your mom probably never asked you, "Sally, did you remember to take your minerals?" They are every bit as important as vitamins. Minerals are responsible for everything from regulating enzyme activity and maintaining acid-base balance, to assisting with strength and growth. To put it simply, you can't function without them. The great thing about minerals, is many of them are found in the body as well as in food. However, you have to be careful when taking mineral supplements because there can be too much of a good thing. There is a possibility of mineral to mineral interactions, where one mineral can interfere with the absorption of other minearls. For example; taking high doses of iron supplements can interfere with zine absorption, and too much calcium can limit the absorption of manganese, zinc, and iron. I know it sounds confusing and scary, but you have to over supplement significantly to see these effects. As long as you stay around the recommended daily allowance, you will be good to go. So let's take a look at your mineral needs, sources, and functions: (click on picture to enlarge)

RDA-Recommended Daily Allowance
mg-miligrams, ug-micrograms
Information for table taken from The National Academy of Sciences

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3 Responses to “Vitamins for Dummies Part Three (Mineral Madness)”

  1. I totally agree with the quote. There are a lot of ways to live healthy and well. Thanks a lot for sharing.


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