A Healthy Husband = A Happy Husband (Well at least I hope so)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fun Fact of the Day: Every 5 degrees above 60 (Fahrenheit) can slow your pace 20 to 30 seconds per mile. So if you feel a little sluggish while running in the heat, know that you are not alone! (Runners World)

Article of the Day: Swim Suit season is here whether we like it or not! Check out these healthy swaps to help you feel your best in your swim suit. The Worst Swimsuit Food

Eric and I have been married for about a month and two weeks. Wow has time flown by! A couple of weeks ago I shared with you how Eric doesn't necessarily have the best eating habits. To put it simply, he eats a ton of sugar! I never really thought too much about it because he was so skinny and fit. But now that I see what goes in to his lunch every day, I just couldn't ignore it any longer. This began the highly unpopular (with Eric) lunch makeover. We have made little changes over the past few weeks, and personally I think it is going very well! Here is what we have changed so far:

Breakfast: Huge Bowl of Frosted Flakes - Oatmeal and a banana

Mid-morning: Brown sugar and Cinnamon pop tarts - he still won't give these up

2 peanut butter and honey sandwiches on white bread - 2 Turkey and cheese sandwiches on WHEAT bread!
Chili Cheese Fritos - Baked Cheez-its
Fruit snacks - I left those alone because he actually likes the Welch's fruit snacks
Chewy granola bars -reduced sugar chewy granola bars
And we added a piece of fruit!

He has actually made most of these changes without too much of a fight (minus the pop tarts)!

Our next big adventure on the road to being a Healthy Happy Married Couple is the Austin Couples Triathlon this weekend. The Triathlon consists of an 800 meter swim, 11.2 mile bike and a 3.1 mile run. Training for a race or athletic competition is one of the best ways to stay motivated to workout. If you know you have to swim 800 meters or run a half marathon at the end of your training, you can't slack off or your performance will suffer. With that in mind, I thought this would be the perfect way for us to do something athletic and healthy as a couple. There is just one problem.....Eric definitely performs better on land than in water. He has been training hard over the past 2 months and I know he will do great in the race this weekend! Even if he took 30 minutes to do the swim, he could still catch me on the bike. He has legs of steel! I will let you know how the race goes next Monday. Hopefully we will both come back alive.

I want to hear how everyone is doing with the 100 push up challenge! If you are participating in the challenge (you can still totally join), let me know how it is going! I started with week 3 so they already have me doing pretty high reps, but it is going well so far! 

Yours truly,

Lauren G.
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One Response to “A Healthy Husband = A Happy Husband (Well at least I hope so)”

  1. Haha my husbands lunch is similar and I am working on making it healthier too! It is hard work though because he is stubborn.

    Congrats on the marriage!


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