Park Bench Outdoor Strength Workout

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Happy Hump Day!

Woah, it's Wednesday already! How did that happen?? I think the delayed start yesterday, made the first part of this week fly by even faster.

In honor of the Spring Into Action Series Alison, from Fearlessly Fierce, and I are doing, I have a fun outdoor workout for you today.  Today's IDEAFit photo a day challenge word is STRENGTH, and this workout with definitely make you feel STRONG! All you need is your body and a park bench or picnic table. Make sure the bench is fairly flat and the ground in front of the bench is free of debris!

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How to customize this workout for your needs:

If you want to take this workout up a notch, make your knee ups plyometric by propelling your knee up with extra force. Your foot may leave the bench slightly. The hardest version of the push-up will be an inverted push-up with your feet on the bench and hands on the ground. You can also stack one foot on top of the other when doing your tricep dips for a little extra umph. Lastly, you can add in extra cardio by going for a lap around the park between every round!

If you need to modify this workout a little bit, that is totally ok as well! You can keep your knee ups low impact, by stepping up and down off the bench instead of jumping. You can also modify the push-ups by placing your hands on the bench instead of on the floor. Lastly, bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor for the tricep dips.

For my other soon to be mommies, I would definitely make your knees-ups step-ups and place your hands on the bench for push-ups. If you are in your third trimester, you may even want to place your hands on the back of your bench so you are not quite as horizontal. This will prevent your uterus from pushing on your abdominals and straining your back.

If you are participating in the Fit Fluential and Reebok 100 Miles In March Challenge, how is it going?

We're doing pretty good in the George household (E is even doing the challenge). I haven't been following their training plan exactly, but I have logged between 3-5 miles each day so we are definitely on track. Yesterday, the pup and I did 2 miles together in the afternoon and then I slipped in another quick mile on the treadmill while dinner was cooking. I hope your challenge is going well! Keep up the great work!

What's your favorite way to workout outdoors?

In health,

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