Barre Breakdown - Second Postion Plie to Passe

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hi There!

I hope your week is going well. Yesterday, we good but busy. I started the day off with a nice strength workout at home (it'll be up in the next few days) and some more Chia Coconut Paleo Pancakes of course. Then it was time to head to the studio for a little work. In the afternoon I snuck in some more more work at home and a walk with the pup before heading back up the studio for my 4:45 PM Barre class. After class, my friend Whitney and I grabbed some dinner and an amazing restaurant called Blue Dahlia! Oh my deliciousness it was amazing! They have the best gluten free bread. :)

I thought it was about time to for another Barre Breakdown post and picked a series that works your entire lower body, challenges your cardiovascular endurance, and gives you a chance to practice your balance. Sorry, these pictures were taken on Tuesday when I was sweaty, shiny, and super pasty (come on summer)! :)  No more hiding that almost 6 month baby bump for me.

Barre Breakdown - Second Position Plie to Passe

To begin, step out to second position with one hand on the barre and one hand extended out at shoulder height. Make sure your knees stay behind your toes and keep your tailbone tucked under. Pulse in second position with flat feet 16x's.

Next, push to standing position dragging outside heel to inside heel ending up in first position. Repeat stepping out into a plie and pulling back into first position 8x's.

Finally, step out into second position plie and push back into a passee (toe to knee). Try to stand tall over your standing leg squeezing your glute. Repeat 8x's.

Finish with 16 pulses in second position with heels lifted and then turn around to repeat on other side.

Barre Breakdown Series Recap:
  • Pulse in second position 16x's.
  • Step in and out from second position to first position 8x's.
  • Step in and out from second position to passe 8x's.
  • Pulse in second position with heels lifted 16x's.
  • Repeat on opposite leg.
I'm off to finish a few things around the house before taking the pup for a walk and heading back up to the studio! I hope you all have a great Thursday.

What is your favorite position at the barre?

In health,

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