Share Wednesday - Cycle and Ballet!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hello Everyone,

It's Wednesday, which means we are well on our way to the weekend and have 2 full days left to get our sweat on before we get our party on. Unless that is, you are joining me for Zumba at 8:30am on Saturday in Dallas! :)

I have two things to share with you this evening friends. The first is my newest cycle playlist that my students and I rocked out to last week. This playlist is title Power Songs, because every song is powerful and strong in it's own way. The music really made me want to give it my all in class! We all left thoroughly drenched in sweat with noodle legs. That's success in my book!

Second, is a sweet and funny video that I came across on facebook today. This little girl is trying to stand in first position and is just too cute for words. Any time you are having a rough day, just pull up this video and your heart will melt in .2 seconds!

I am off to work on my Booty Barre choreography for tomorrow! I hope you all have a wonderful evening!

How was your hump day?

What is your power song at the moment?

In health,

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