Lean Legs March Exercises Week 5! You are almost there!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I spent most of the day Friday and Saturday at my Pilates training. This weekend was Pilates Apparatus level 3, and it was a blast. I really felt like this weekend tied everything together and we got to do some of the really cool moves like this one.


My hands are a little raw and my back is definitely sore, but it was a blast! :) I can't wait to start practicing everything I learned! :) Sunday was spent running errands, doing laundry, and of course more flag football. It is really warming up here in the Big D, so I was very excited to soak up the sun at the football field. Unfortunately, my pasty self hasn't seen very much sun over the past year so it went into a bit of shock. I definitely resemble somewhat of a lobster at the moment! :)

Can you believe March is almost over??? I sure can't! I feel like it flew by at lightening speed! We are in our last and final week of the Lean Legs March challenge so lets finish strong.

Bridge Lower/Lift

The name is pretty self explanatory here. Simply lift hips up into a bridge position, lower until glutes barely touch the ground, and then return to start. Really focus on pressing through your entire foot and squeezing your glutes as you lift.

Wall-Sit with weight - Again, pretty easy, just slide down into a wall-sit holding dumbbells a weighted plate, or your dog (depending on how still he/she will stay). You can really hold anything you'd like that will give you a little extra challenge!

Crock and kick donkey kicks

Cross your working leg behind your stable leg with your knee bent. Then kick the working leg directly out to the side trying to keep it level with your hip. This move really works your entire leg! If you want an extra challenge, lift and lower your leg 8-10 times while holding it out to the side! :)

You only have one week left of the challenge, and I know you are all going to finish strong! I hope you have an amazing Monday!

How was your weekend?

How is the challenge going for you?

In health,

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