Happy Try This Thursday - Barre Exercises!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


How are you today? I hope you are having a nice week so far!! I have recently started incorporating barre work into some of my classes, and I love it! It works your body in a whole new way, and you can really FEEL that it's working. I am sore after every workout! Barre exercises consist of ballet inspired isometric exercises that work the deep muscles of your hips, buns and thighs! Even if your gym does't offer barre classes, that doesn't mean you can't do them on your own in the comfort of your own home. All you need is a chair and a towel to wipe of your sweat! :)

The salad challenge is still going strong although I am running out of lettuce. Yikes! I think Wednesday's salad was my favorite of the week.

Wednesday's Salad:
- Romaine Lettuce
- Spinach
- Mushrooms
- Carrotts
- Red cabbage
- Black beans
- Soy Beans
- Avocado
- Low-fat Feta Cheese

I hope you enjoy the workout and let me know if you try it out!!

Q's and A's:
What is your favorite kind of group exercise class to attend?

In health,

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